Anne U. White Trail, Boulder, CO 80302

This hike is a family favorite. The Anne U. White trail is an out and back, 3 mile hike that is good for all skill levels. We’ve realized this is a pretty popular trail; heavily trafficked with a relatively small parking lot. Even with extra parking on the road, we suggest hitting the trail earlier in the day.

We discovered this trail while friends were visiting and we needed a hike that would accommodate four kiddos ranging in age and ability. The first time we hiked Anne U. White, it was a chilly May morning with the threat of rain. We set out around 9:30am with hopes of avoiding any showers. Within the first few steps from the trail head is the first river crossing. The rocks to cross the river are all large and flat enough for tiny, uneasy feet. I think we counted over thirty crossings on the hike. A huge hit with the kiddos! Clothed in coats and rain jackets, our crew still couldn’t resist putting their toes in the water. Around the mile and a half mark the clouds opened up and the cold rain came down. We continued the hike, determined to make it to the waterfall. With a lot of encouragement and bribery of snacks for the kiddos, we succeeded. By the time we made it back to the cars we were soaked and smiling!

We had so much fun the first time we hiked Anne U. White, we couldn’t wait to hit the trail a second time. We chose a warm sunny day this time, allowing Keegan time to play in the river and cool off. He “accidentally” fell off the rocks and into the water on most of the river crossings that day. One thing we love about this trail is the curiosity it sparks in Keegan. We love how it provoked his thoughts and questioning as we hiked. From the animal bones laying on a boulder to the minnows swimming in the river, Keegan’s eyes were full of wonder and amazement as we walked. We didn’t make it back to the waterfall that day, but had a wonderful time exploring together. The nap that afternoon wasn’t too bad either!

KEEGS highly recommends the Anne U. White Trail for a few hours of family fun!

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