Custom Pop-Up Shops

Create a t-shirt and apparel store for your organization or team

Custom Branded Stores

Fast & Easy Ordering

Pop-up Shops are a great way to get branded apparel into the hands of your team or organization.

Let us handle it, and you won’t have to figure out the quantities, sizes, styles, and colors everyone wants.

Online Pop Up Shops are short-term, custom-branded stores built just for your organization! The perfect solution for many needs, including Corporate Staffing, Sports Teams,  Fundraisers, Greek Life, Band merch, and much more! Getting started is easy, with minimal setup and no upfront costs.

What is a Team Store / Pop Up Shop?

  • Pop Up Shops are short-term, custom-built online stores to sell branded apparel.
  • Fundraising opportunity for your team, business or organization!
  • Eliminates extra apparel and paper forms!
  • Ability to run store multiple times a year (Holidays, etc.)
  • Free to setup and use!

What is included with your store?

  • All payment processing.
  • 6-9 unique items, chosen by you.
  • Screen printing and embroidery decoration.
  • Optional individual name customization.
  • Individual order fulfillment with direct-to-customer shipping.
  • Customized Flyers with QR codes (great for promoting your store on social media or using as handouts!)
  • Gift card support (great for employee apparel, or event fundraising perks).
  • Dedicated Support Team and Account Manager
  • Real-Time Reporting

How Does it Work?

  • Choose the garments you’d like to sell in your store.
  • Pick the fundraising amount you’d like to make per item sold.
  • Select the dates you’d like the store to run.
  • Promote the store

What Happens Next?

  • Stores is open for 2-3 weeks.
  • After your store closes, we ask for 2-3 weeks to manufacture.
  • Orders are pre-packaged by customer name.
  • Orders can be made available for distribution by you, or shipped directly to your customer.
  • We send you a check!
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