Valmont Bike Park, 3160 Airport Rd, Boulder 80301

We discovered Valmont a few weeks after moving to Colorado. Keegan was still on his Strider bike at the time and was a little limited on the trails he could successfully ride. But, this bike park, run and maintained by the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, quickly became a family favorite!

On his Strider bike, Keegan loved zipping around the Skillz Loop. This area of the park is nicely shaded and has some fun twists and turns and a little bridge to ride over. You can make the Skillz Loop as easy or adventurous as you like depending on riding level. Now, Keegan even gives riding across the log a try.

Valmont has two pump tracks for the littles as well. The Tot Pump Track is basically a continuous circle that held Keegan’s attention for about two minutes. Even on his Strider bike, he was far more entertained riding on the Creekside Pump Park, and it remains one of his favorite sections at Valmont. This area has zero shade cover. The Creekside Pump Park is full of tight turns, some berms and little dips. It is a blast watching the kiddos pedal around this track, while grinning ear to ear and muttering words of encouragement to themselves.

Once Keegan graduated from his Strider bike, he thought he was ready to ride with the pros. We’ve had to pull him off of the big Dirt Jumps track more times than I’d like to admit. I love that fearless spirit, but kiddo, those are grown adults on those jumps. Luckily, the Dirt Jumps section has a couple smaller, more kid friendly jump tracks that even include some “pre-school” tabletops. We have spent many hours watching Keegan do the Dirt Jump tracks over and over and over again.

The Glades is our new favorite section to ride at Valmont. These trails are easiest to access by the dog park and skateboard park lot off Valmont Rd. The Glades offers a lot of variety in the types of tricks and trails and has riders at every skill level. There is some shade, picnic tables, and a nice grassy area to take a break, hydrate and grab a snack. We can spend hours enjoying riding The Glades.

Keegan has definitely had his fair share of hard falls, blood and tears riding at Valmont. But, his perseverance and determination is applaudable. He will always get back on the bike to try again. We 100% recommend a well fitting helmet and pads for riders of all ages.

We always seem to finish the day at Valmont with a few minutes of free play on the playground. The playground is located by the lot off Airport Rd, near the restrooms and coveted picnic tables. Valmont Bike Park has something for the whole family and keeps us coming back time and time again!